Thursday, September 26, 2019

BMW i Marketing Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

BMW i Marketing Analysis - Essay Example It tends to focus upon zero emission and is presently working on a hydrogen hybrid drivetrain. It can be noted that most of the success of the BMW is derived from the entrepreneurial culture. BMW follows informal organisational culture which assists the employees in freely articulating the ideas and thereby assisting in innovation (BMW, 2012). The main objective of the company is to remain as one of the world’s primary providers of premium products as well as services for mobility of an individual. Collaborators BMW has been capable of maintaining good relation with its suppliers so that the goods can be delivered on time to the customers. The company mandates its suppliers to maintain the enhanced environmental as well as social standards that have been set by the BMW Group (BMW Education, 2010). It is because of this reason that the company makes use of the sustainability criteria in the optimum selection of its vendors and exaggerated supervision of its prevailing suppliers . It tends to train its suppliers in advance so that the company can guarantee accurate quality requirements as well as standards that have been set by the company right from the initiation of the production (The Economist, 2011). It has been found that in 2011, the UK car market was high by approximately 30% on a year-to-year basis which exceeded the expectation of the companies. In January, 2011, it was found that the car market rose by almost 29.8% thereby reaching 145479 units. It has been found that in the year 2011, an increase occurred of 8.78 percent in sales that rose from 153312 to 166780 vehicles in comparison to the year 2010, and against the market that sought decline in the sales by four percent (Boeriu, 2012). It has been evident that BMW makes use of three steps for the purpose of targeting such as market segmentation, target choices and product positioning. The company looks at behavioural, geographic, socioeconomic, beneficial and demographic features of the societ y that assist them in targeting the market effectively (Pearson, 2012). The company derives 65% of its sales from Europe as well as North America. These regions are industrialised locations with residents having sound financial position to purchase upper market cars since their per capita income is high. The demographics of the people capable of purchasing BMW are men and women who are aged 30-50 years old. Prior to purchasing BMW, people possess favourable image in their mind. They prefer cars that look sporty and modern. The benefits sought by these people are reliability, superiority, quality and performance (Slideshare, 2012). Competitor Analysis It has been found that the company faces direct competition for its each series ranges. The main competitors of the company are Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Range Rover and Porsche among others. Among them, Ford Motor Company is found to be the main competitor of BMW, taking away high share of the automotive market. It has been obs erved that the overall balance sheet value of Ford Motor Company tends to surpass 7 times ‘correspondent value’ of BMW Group (BMW Limited, 2011). Climate In the present times, the political

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