Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Developmental Process of Clinical Supervisors Essay

The Developmental Process of Clinical Supervisors - Essay Example Newly qualified dentists, also known as foundation dentists, are supervised for a period of one year.     Ã‚  Supervision is an extensive practice that applies and fits various contexts differently. In the clinical setting, the ultimate objective of supervision is to enhance the knowledge and skill base of the supervisee. In so doing, the practitioner realizes all-around competitiveness in his/her line of professionalism. In order to achieve the desired results, the adopted supervisory practices should fit the relationship between the supervisor and the supervisee. Over and above this, the supervision process has to be effective, an aspect that is greatly influenced by the supervisor.   Regardless of the context within which the supervisor and the supervisee interact, the supervisor should discharge his/her role effectively. In order to ensure that the supervisory process runs smoothly, a functional relationship has to be established between the parties involved. Failure to do this could often result in complexities that are likely to derail the entire process. In the clinical context, the situation is even more critical due to the factoring in of the patients or clients. Clinical practitioners do not only have to worry about the supervisor and the supervisee, but also the patient or client who is essentially the central concern in the whole process.   Supervision in the clinical setting develops the supervisee and consequently, impacts on other parties, say the patients or clients. Healthcare provision is driven by health care practitioners for the benefit of patients and clients.

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