Thursday, August 8, 2019

Choose one for me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Choose one for me - Essay Example Regarding my background, I am the youngest child in our family. Since my father died, my eldest brother has made most of the important decisions. At a young age, he had been in charge with a number of responsibilities. Since childhood, I have learned to show respect to my elders. My mother and older siblings have always emphasized the value of politeness. It is always nice to show gratitude to one’s parents and other relatives. I have been taught that being thankful is a way of showing good conduct. In relation to political behaviour, I have realized that my family background has influenced me to be docile to authority. I have found it almost impossible, if not totally unthinkable, to go against leaders. I have also noticed that I tend to be quite conscious of the tone of my voice when I talk to older people. Actually, people who do not display proper behaviour when communicating with authority or the elderly often irk me. It has also been natural for me to follow rules. Most of the time, I become tensed and check if I am obeying standards when a symbol of authority is nearby. In connection with my relatives, I am proud to say that my roots are from the ancient Arab tribe. Our ancestors were the first inhabitants of the Arabian Gulf. They have initiated the civilization that we are enjoying today. With this history, I have become honoured of my origin. It is also one of my values to be loyal to fellow Arabians. I can say that I regard my heritages with high esteem. This is reflected in my choice of songs. The genre I enjoy listening to is Arabian music. Moreover, I honestly think that my culture is rich with colourful rituals and customs. In addition, Arabian arts and crafts portray interesting painting, delicious dishes, and graceful calligraphy. It would be ideal for our country to continually develop and retain its high-income economy status. I believe that our leaders can do their best in governing the different

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