Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Go Ask Alice

Reading Assignment         Go Ask Alice is ab knocked out(p) a 15 year old girl that is in a cryptical depression, that she turns to doses as a way out in situation it was absolutely no way out at all. At first the anonymous girl was into the gateway do drugss much(prenominal) as marijuana and cig atomic number 18ttes. She finds herself at a party playing a plump for that I had never heard of until this book. The list of the game is Button, Button, whos got the saveton?(Page 34, July 10th ). This is a game where a unanimous group of people sit around and drink make of coke. In a couple glasses, there would be cocaine. by and by she did it for the first magazine she realized how cool she thought it genuinely was. She was seeing shapes and colors everywhere.(Page 39). She had been doing cocain for 2 or 3 and she realized that she was turning to it every day and she had a in truth big problem. She made an effort to stop however deep muckle a week or so she started again. Her first sentence back on it was her last, she had an accidental drug and died. (Page 189, Epilogue)         The science in this book argon pharmacology, which is the study of of drugs and how they shanghai the body. Cocaine is a drug that authentically messes up everything much(prenominal) as your flyaway system. People that are on cocaine use it as a suppressant plainly really it is a depressant. So when they are doing it they feel really good, but when there high school is over they become as depressed as they where before.         Cocaine takes over everything on you, it makes you so impaired that you are non capable to make your own decisions. The more(prenominal) you use this drug the more it destroys your ability to think clearly. dose are not good and especially when you are in the growth 2 Carpenter stage because everything on you is developing. So every succession you do a drug you are changing the kiosk in its de! velopment. When this happens it merchant ship impact the way you thing for the persist of your life. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
It can make you so that the only way you can function is to be down the stairs the influence of cocaine. It is stressful, mentally and physically for everyone that is being exposed to the drug use. Mentally because everyone is being stressed out around them. intimately addicts know they have a problem but ordain not admit it so they are stressed out too. Physically because drugs like cocaine deteriorate you, and over time will eventually knock down you.         It is a lamentable thing to think about but th ere are a lot of people in every confederacy that battle with drug addictions. When someone in a family is battling with a drug addiction then everybody is battling too. nil needs to be dealing with drugs and exposed to drugs. So when it comes down to it Drugs are the go away of horrifying reality (The New York Times.) If you postulate to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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