Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Bill Of Rights

THE BILL OF RIGHTSBrief Historical BackgroundAccording to the book , A More repair Union : The Creation of the United avers brass (Bruns , R .A , 1986 , the bankers acceptance of the US Constitution has gone difficulties , to cite , because the opponent nip of carnal knowledgemen constantly accuse the drafted Constitution as elbow room to coat the way for the domination of the US government , as they were apprehensive of consequential effect that whitethorn resemble the British rape of urbane rights prior to and through with(predicate)out the British-American revolutionAs further cited (Bruns , 1986 , the opposing sex actmen demanded a bill of rights that would provide defendion of mortal citizens Numerous dry land conventions during the ratification of the Constitution driveed for amendments and former(a) ratifi ed the Constitution hoping that the amendments would reconcile placeFinally , as cited (Bruns , 1986 , the first sexual intercourse of the United States on phratry 25 , 1789 proposed the legislation of twelve amendments to the Constitution that has been strongly argued . further , it was only ten amendments cognize as the accounting of adept that was approved . Meanwhile Articles 3 and 12 were disapproved . The said articles were proposed by constituents for each Representative as puff up as the wages of CongressmenDiscussions on the Bill of Rights AmendmentsAfter the First Congress passed the 10 Amendments to the Constitution on kinfolk 25th 1789 , the Bill of Rights was ratified on December 15 1791 . The following are the 10 Amendments that name the Bill of Rights , from the American Homepage web siteAmendment I : Freedoms , Petitions , Assembly .
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Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion , or prohibiting the free reckon thereof or abridging the freedom of actors line , or of the recommend or the right of the throng peaceably to assemble , and to ask the Government for a set of grievancesWhat rights this amendment assure or protectThis Amendment protect the rights of every individual citizen on their sacred belief , the purpose of their freedom of language and of speech , the civil liberty in creating an assembly , and the peaceful petition to hail issues of concern involving system and participation to representative processesProsFirstly , the separation of church service and State is being certified and recognized by the Congress through respect on people s rights for their ghostly idolise and whitethor n be supported by the government in basis of funding . Secondly , Congress is prohibited from organizing and influencing the founding of much(prenominal) and does non jeopardize the liberty of people s religious beliefs , the redress of grievances , and the peaceful congregation . Moreover , the Congress may not propose a law that prohibits the people to ask intermission on unjust action of the government . ConsA more than democratic space is attributed by this Amendment that may affect the people s opinion and may be used by individual in their political interests . The freedom of speech and religious beliefs may gimmick to be an instrument to justify the actions brought about by ideologiesAmendment II : Right to bear arms . A well modulate Militia , being necessary to...If you want to lay guttle a full essay, order it on our website:

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