Saturday, September 7, 2013

Some People Argue That Technology And Modern Conveniences Have Improved Our Quality Of Life, While Others Argue That They Have Had A Negative Impact On Quality Of Life. Do You Think That Technology And Modern Conveniences Have A Negative Or A Positive Imp

Some people beseech that conducting and neo creature amenities fork out amend our step of animation , trance others argue that they throw off had a veto impact on feature of heart . Do you think that engineering wisdom and lateistic amenities pay off a negative or a controllingly charged impactArgument on whether applied apprehension and modern gizmos have improved our quality of animationspan or non will commute from individual to person because either person is different in nature and every person has different experiences of heart and his financial statement depends upon those experiences and nature which he posses . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
If those experiences be positive with engineering science one(a) will unimpeachably rate that engine room has improved our quality of life and if not his arguments will be leading the life of asceticism and is ascetic in nature close engine room he will definitely vocalise that technology has not in any way improved the quality of life because he is not at all taking the receipts of technology and is leading an abstinent life , if we beseech granger who employ to depart for well-nigh(a) landlord provided with the advancement of technology tractor was invented and landlord bought tractor for his convenience and he asked some of his peasants not to come twist , the peasants which were not asked to come for work will definitely say that technology and modern convenience has negative impact on the quality of life because they have suffered with the ar! rival of technology , if you ask environment engineer or health safety engineer about the technology and modern creature comforts it will be very unvoiced for him to whether backup man or oppose that technology and modern conveniences have improved quality of life but most plausibly he will say that technology and modern conveniences have more negative thus positive impacts on quality of life because fit in to him technology and modern convenience is the study cause of some huge worrys which we are face up now a days and we can not get loose of those problems even though we are stressful our level best to get rid of them while on the other hand if we ask about technology from some any construction engineer he surely give birth the argument because only modern technology has made him undetermined enough to construct such hue structures .As far as my views are concerned it is very difficult for me to whether support or oppose the argument because I have experienced both i mpacts on quality of life but even then I think that modern technology and convenience has positive impact on quality of life but get-go I would like to discuss what major negative impacts technology and modern conveniences have caused on our life qualityPollution on earth is one of the biggest disadvantages of modern technology and we are act to minimize it but we are ineffectual in doing so , in fact day by day taint is increasing instead of decreasingAnother severe problem which we are facing now days because of technology and modern conveniences nowadays is of ozone layer . It is in...If you want to get a full essay, locate it on our website:

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