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Running head :HEALTH CARE FINANCE The wellness c are MarketAnalysis on the Motives for the Financial Acquisition ofSouthgate by the Omega wellness Foundation_______________________________________NameName of InstructorDateIntroduction health alimony has considerably been a study apprehension in the unite States today , much(prenominal) than always with a growing domain , it is essential to have a well-planned , well- work outed health business organisation system in the earth . In the past(a) socio-economic classs , the U .S . brass has passed and initiated the realization of necessary wide-ranging Medicare remediate legislation in the verdant ADDIN EN .CITE CastlemanBarry I CastlemanResponsible bearing and the Third WorldEnvironmental Health PerspectivesEnvironme ntal Health Perspectives (Castleman , 1997 . Because of this , it added reporting of ethical do drugs drugs and the Medicare program has been modernized and clean-cut to suit the country s of necessity . As of last year the government has enrolled about 24-one thousand thousand large number as Medicare recipients in the Medicare prescription drug assistance . in that respect has overly been an improvement in the aspect of preparedness for a bioterrorist attack , where the bud experience deal out and given to States , localities health centers and establishments is over 7 billion ADDIN EN .CITE space of commission and BudgetOffice of heed and Budget ,Health and homo Services2007July 132007http / web .whitehouse .gov /omb /budget /fy2007 /hhs .html (Office of Management and Budget , 2007Consequently , for this year , a freshly financing notice has been proposed in to bring strength to the sustainability of the country s Medicare , prioritizing more on the people s health . It has overly gave expression for the people to annoy health care through ccc additional exp! and Health Center stadiums and establishments , where it includes 80 more sites in counties with a high level of poverty and needs greater maintenance Health reform proposals are belatedly being realize , where it aims to promote Health Savings accounts and to stock their services to more people who has limited incomes and small network . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The government also gave allotted 250 million for new strong marriages to improve the children s interests , winning care of their health and well-being . It has also allotted more than 200 million for the education programs regarding abstinence-only family reading methods . An early(a) 188 million was also provided to States , Faith-Based and Community Organizations in to engagement HIV and acquired immune deficiency syndrome increase particularly in the minorities area ADDIN EN .CITE Office of Management and BudgetOffice of Management and Budget ,Health and Human Services2007July 132007http /www .whitehouse .gov /omb /budget /fy2007 /hhs .html (Office of Management and Budget , 2007AnalysisHealth Maintenance Organizations are those that provide a character of health insurance coverage in the country with the help of health institutions like hospitals , medical exam centers , professionals and other providers associated with the health maintenance organization . HMOs are considered as a type of serve care organizations , which is a way to control Medicare payouts providing health care services while gaining profits in number . HMO s are different from other insurance providers because it follows a certain directive or a set of health care guidelines agreed on the seve ral providers of the HMO ADDIN EN...If you want to g! et a full essay, order it on our website:

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